Our services
– Providing analysis and practical advice concerning the existing business opportunities in Iran and Slovakia.

Investment in Slovakia
– Providing help with choosing the appropriate investment project that will produce positive results. 
- Organising meetings with trade partners, based on individual requirements of the client.

Establishing a company
– Registering and establishing a company or opening a branch of your company in Slovakia as well as preparing all the necessary documents.

Travel services
– Providing information about all types of visa, accommodation and traveling related to your business activities.

– Offering a place to advertise your company via banners or links on our website.


اتاق بازرگاني ايران و اسلواکی مي­تواند شما را در کشور جمهوری اسلواکی ياري نماید

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همراهي و ترجمه در جلسات و نشست­هاي تجاري

مشاور و راهنماي شما در امور مالياتي بر طبق قوانين اسلواکی

در صورت تمايل مي­توانيد با استفاده از پست الكترونيكي و شماره تلفن  زير با ما تماس برقرار نمائيد

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