Speech of H. E. Mr. Ján Bóry, Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to Iran

The seminary for Iranian businessmen held in Bratislava on 1st of October 2015 and organized by the Iranian – Slovak Business Chamber was opened by a speech from H. E. Mr. Ján Bóry, Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to Iran, in which he presented the view of the Slovak Embassy on the perspectives and current state of relations between Slovakia and Iran in the field of trade and economic cooperation.
According to Mr. Bóry, Slovakia needs the Iranian market and Iran needs the Slovak market. Both economies are mutually complementary in many fields and the goal of the Slovak Embassy is to identify the most suitable opportunities which could become the base for the development of further cooperation. Slovakia has a well-developed and modern industrial base comprising several very important and big international companies. This is mostly the case of automotive industry – Slovakia is currently the world’s biggest producer of cars per capita, case of production of electrotechnical and electronic goods, and production of working and industrial machines. On the other hand, Slovakia is nowadays short of fully developed class of small and middle-sized enterprises (SME), which can be seen as an opportunity for foreign tradesmen and businessmen.
In order to better understand the possibilities of economic cooperation between Slovakia and Iran, Mr. Ambassador mentioned the example of Turkey, a similarly big economy in Iran’s region, with which Slovakia has a 100 times higher trade balance. From the optimistic point of view, the trade between Slovakia and Iran could not only reach the level of Slovakia’s trade balance with Turkey, but even exceed it. He further added that Slovakia will be soon visited by Iranian representatives who are interested in cooperation in automotive industry, namely in the production of components and spare parts for this industry. Iran is an important car producer but due to the later economic development the country fell behind in terms of quality and security of its production. Thanks to the presence of big car producers as Volkswagen group, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Renault, Kia, or recently also Jaguar and Land Rover preparing to open their factories in Slovakia, and the consequent need of just-in-time production of spare parts and components, almost 300 of quality producers established their factories in Slovakia and they are ready to cooperate with Iran. At the beginning, through the export of their production and in case of higher demand they are prepared to establish a joint venture factories in Iran. Later in the month of October is expected a visit of selected Slovak companies working in the field of oil and gas industry to Iran and for now the biggest event of this year will be the planned delegation led by high state representatives of Slovakia to Iran in the second half of November.