Speech of Mr. Drahoslav Štos, Director of the Economic Diplomacy Department, MFA SR

n his speech delivered during the seminar which was held on 1st of October 2015 in Bratislava, Mr. Štos presented the Economic Diplomacy Department of the Slovak MFA which is responsible for economic activities of Slovak Diplomatic Missions abroad. Their closest partner is the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic under whose supervision works also the Slovak Trade and Development Agency SARIO.
According to Mr. Štos, Slovakia sees Iran as a very important country with which it had historically good relations and it’s in Slovakia’s interest to restore these good, mainly economic, relations. The economics of both countries are complementary and they have what to offer to each other. The figures show that the opportunities for increasing the import from Iran to Slovakia or export from Slovakia to Iran are immense. The current figures simply do not correspond to the existing potential. Last year, the annual turnover between the two countries amounted to 17 millions of euros yet Slovakia and Iran could quickly and easily reach a turnover of tens of millions of euros.
The mentioned figures reflect the positive development on the international scene, namely when it comes to reaching an agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, which was welcomed also by the Slovak business community. Slovakia responded by participating in political consultations between the Foreign ministries of Iran and Slovakia, followed by the visit of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce in Bratislava, and by organizing visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia to Iran. In 2015 we saw a business mission of Bratislava Chamber of Commerce to Iran and intensive negotiations between Iranian ATA Airlines and Slovak Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development whose aim is to establish a direct flight connection between Bratislava and Tehran. In November 2015 we expect another visit of high state representatives of Slovakia to Iran, accompanied by the SARIO agency and a strong political delegation. Slovakia also hopes for an early adoption of two important legislative acts, namely the Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement and the Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement.